Wyzerr Takes Home $50K Prize at 36|86 For Their Gamified Surveys, Launches Publicly

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Beating out 30+ startups at Launch Tennesee’s 36|86 South conference this week, Kentucky-based startup Wyzerr impressed the 1000+ audience to take home the $50K prize. Wyzerr uses artificial intelligence and playful UX design to retain consumers’ attention while filling out their surveys, allowing companies to generate better, more consistent customer feedback.

“The win is going to be used towards marketing our new SaaS platform, which just launched 3 weeks ago,” says co-founder Natasia Malaihollo. “We’ve been trying to keep our expenses as low as possible so we haven’t done much marketing. Much of this win will go towards sales and marketing.”

The average time it takes to complete a typical survey (16-25 questions) is 7-9 minutes, according to a study done by Survey Monkey. However, there was a dramatic decrease on time spent answering each question as surveys grew in length.

Wyzerr’s colorful, engaging gamified surveys, built with their new Smart Builder product, can lead users through up to 25 questions in under 60 seconds. “Design is a major part of what we do. In designing our surveys, we look at everything from the psychology behind different colors, to gaming principles, to even cognitive science,” says Malaihollo.

The startup puts a lot of weight on design to help companies effectively capture their audience and help them get reliable analytics to improve their business.

“We enforce strict character limits, apply color theory, and use images/icons wherever possible to make providing feedback as easy possible,” says Malaihollo. “We also focus on point of sale deployment. We encourage our customers to engage the end-user for feedback while they are already interacting with the business.”

This Kentucky-based startup has been keeping a low profile over the last few months, even as they signed big enterprises like Disney, Unilever, Walmart and many others.

“Walmart was our first enterprise campaign so that’s always going to be special to me. We executed a really aggressive campaign in a very short amount of time and still surpassed all of our client’s requirements and metrics. The feedback has been pretty positive across the board,” says Malaihollo.

Malaihollo’s recent success came after a long journey that started in California. After not getting a lot of traction on the West Coast, she made her way to the Southeast where she found less noise, a strong community, and enough resources to scale her company.

“Innovation can happen anywhere so be willing to go wherever you need to in order to grow,” she says.

Featured image via 36|86. Others via Wyzerr.

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