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The Kentucky Innovation Network will host The WriterPrenuer: Go To Market Strategies presentation event on June 15th from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM at The Warehouse (632 Russell St., Covington, KY 41011.)

Details for the event are as follows:

In the original presentation “The WriterPreneur: Dream, Write, Publish” , the topic was how to write and get a book published. But that is only half the battle. Yes, you put in the time, wrote the book and soon it will be printed. Your job as an author is done, right?


Even if your book is the best thing published since the latest vampire series, will anyone read it? Remember most publishers are small and taking matters into your own hands is a MUST if your book is going to sell successfully. Here are 17 specific techniques that a new author can do to market a book. If you want to learn the techniques of guerilla marketing on the publishing scene, “The WriterPreneur: Go To Market Strategies” presentation will guide a new author through the do’s and don’t on marketing a book to build street cred, get great reviews, and most importantly, an audience that buys and reads your words.

Keynote Speakers:

Rock Neelly

Rock Neelly is a Professor of English and Communications at Gateway Community and Technical College in Northern Kentucky. He has written numerous articles in magazines, journals, and books over the last fifteen years. In his career, he has been a newspaper man, a sales manager, a contributing editor, and a bad guitarist in a garage band. Neelly, the grandson of cattle ranchers, the son of teachers, grew up on the high plains of Kansas shooting baskets and pheasant. He currently lives with his wife in Warren County, OH. Neelly is the author of two novels — The Purple Heart Detective Agency, and a sequel The Prince of the Border. His third book in the Purple Heart Mystery series, The Babylon Blues, will be out in September.

Richard Hunt

Richard Hunt is president of AdventureKEEN, a book publisher specializing in nonfiction titles for outdoor activities and regional orientation. With over 1000 titles in print, AdventureKEEN has offices in Covington, Birmingham, AL and Cambridge MN. He previously worked at Bantam Doubleday Dell, Houghton Mifflin, and F&W Publications. Over a thirty-five year span, his stories and articles have appeared in many industry publications, as well as consumer magazines and books. He also burns the midnight oil as owner of Roebling Point Books & Coffee.

5:00 Networking

5:30 Speakers Presentation

6:00 Q & A Session

6:30 More Networking


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